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original Tesla Roadster is the very personification of these metrics. When it was released in 2008, the little electric sports car held the distinction of being the first mass-produced highway-legal electric vehicle that uses a lithium-ion battery. It was also the first electric car to achieve a range of over 200 miles per charge. Apart from its raw, insane acceleration, the Roadster’s Lotus Elise-based body was nothing short of stunning.

Leslie Kendall, the curator for the Petersen Automotive Museum, noted that the Roadster has the makings of a collectible vehicle. “Pioneering vehicles that have superlative engineering and performance tend to be collectible, and the Roadster is a sexy little coupe. It’s low-slung and blindingly fast and very fun to thrash, I’m told,” he said.

While the Roadster is noted for being a vehicle that showed that all-electric cars can be as desirable as the next Porsche or Audi, it was the Tesla Model S which really proved that electric vehicles are superior alternatives for conventional cars powered by the internal combustion engine. This was a point highlighted by Chelsea Sexton, an electric car advocate.

“The Roadster was the first EV that convinced people an EV could be sporty and fast. The Model S was the first ‘beautiful’ EV and large enough to appeal beyond the most niche of markets,” Sexton said.

With large carmakers now making their bet in electric transportation, the transition to electric vehicles is all but certain. Amidst these changes, it will not be too surprising if other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup become collectibles in the future as well. The Model X could make the list for its nearly over-the-top tech, while the Model 3 could be a collectible for being the car that brought EVs to the mass market. Provided that the Model Y becomes a successful vehicle, the SUV could make Hagerty’s list as well, as it is a vehicle that could deal a decisive blow against the internal combustion engine.

See Hagerty’s full list of potential collectible alternative fuel vehicles here.

Tesla Roadster, Model S dubbed as future collectibles by classic car specialist firm

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