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Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker is only a month away. With that in mind I wanted to take the time and look back at all of the amazing Star Wars collectibles we have seen. I will be splitting up each movie and television show into their own retrospective article. Starting things off I wanted to give us a break from The Mandalorian and look at the underrated and amazing Star Wars animated show Star Wars: Rebels.

Star Wars: Rebels Top 5 Collectibles in the System

Star Wars: Rebels Top 5 Collectibles in the System

There isn’t a lot of Star Wars: Rebels collectibles out there so this was an interesting task at hand. Some people might not know about some of them t so it’s nice to have a one solidified place where you can find them off. First off I want to take a look at two specific lightsabers. Both made by Hasbro and the first one is a simple Bladebuilders lightsaber that is pretty cheap and it is from the main character, Kanan Jarrus. Kanan is one of my favorite Jedi’s out there and it’s nice to have an actual toy lightsaber replica from this iconic a Jedi for cheap. Next, we’re going a little more expensive but not by much with an Ezra lightsaber/blaster. His designed lightsaber from the show is unique in the fact they turned it into a toy collectible is even better. The lightsaber is electronic and extends like the others but the unique thing is it comes with plastic blaster bullets and it allows you to shoot them from of the hilt. This one of a kind lightsaber is definitely a one-of-a-kind collectible and you should add it to your Star Wars: Rebels lists. Both lightsabers are available on Amazon and can be found here for Kanan and here for Ezra.

Star Wars: Rebels Top 5 Collectibles in the System
Star Wars: Rebels Top 5 Collectibles in the System

Next, we are going to dive into the world of LEGO’s. LEGO does something remarkable for collector as they can give people their favorite rides, ships, and moments as their own personalized building playground. This one is a buildable The Ghost and has 926 pieces. It comes with Ghost crew members Hera, Kanan and Zeb and even include a Stromtrooper too. The Ghost dropship is sold separate but it is a worthy addition to the Ghost. The Phantom give Star Wars: Rebels fans to add Lego Versions of Ezra and Chopper to their collection. These sets are perfect to display for any collection on this side of the Outer Rim. Both sets are hard to find now and are quite overpriced in some markets like eBay and Amazon so hunt well my friends.

Star Wars: Rebels Top 5 Collectibles in the System

Speaking of iconic companies Funko has been making the rounds with almost every movie, TV show, or character out there so it’s no surprise to see Star Wars: Rebels with Pop vinyls. Funko Pops are making this list as they are very accessible and still pretty stylized for collectibles. Some of the characters available include Zeb, Sabine, Hera Kanan and Ezra. There was even an Admiral Thrawn Funko that came out as a convention exclusive as well as an Imperial Chopper, Darth Maul, Captain Rex and Ahsoka and even more. These are some great characters you can find for cheap and online here

You can’t have Star Wars collectibles without a least mentioning Star Wars: The Black Series. This iconic toy line as easily opened up collectors to the world of collecting and hunting Star Wars toys yet again. Their simplistic boxes make them easy to display and they have covered a wide righty of characters. Without a Black Series Zeb, the rest of the Ghost crew has made with their realistic stylized figures, they even have a Grand Admiral Thrawn figure too which can excite more than just Rebels fans. All of them are packed with detail and perfectly packaged in their black boxes. Each one is special and unique and packed with accessories, some are sold out most places but still able to be located. Some can be found and located online for purchase here. They would look perfect in your Star Wars: Rebels and the Black Series collection.

All of these are the top collectibles in my opinion for Star Wars: Rebels. If you’re a fan of the series these are collectibles you should add to your “in search of” for this holiday season. Be on the look out for other top collectible articles in the future regarding future films and some favorite characters.

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