Star Wars Battlefront 2 collectibles location guide

As you fight your way through the campaign in Star Wars Battlefront 2, there are a total of 23 collectibles to track down in the form of crates you can hack with your little droid buddy. Most of these are tucked out of the way, and can be easily missed if you rush past them, so we’ll show you exactly where each of them can be found.

Sadly, there’s no trophy or achievement for finding all the collectibles, however there are still rewards to be had. From the main menu, head to Career then Campaign Milestones and scroll to the bottom where the Scavenger Milestones show your progress. Find all the collectibles in a mission then highlight the Scavenger Milestone to claim your reward – you get 25 Crafting Parts for each completed Milestone, which you can use to purchase and craft new Star Cards.

Follow our guide and The Force will be with you. Always.

Prologue: The Cleaner

3 Collectibles

Collectible 1
At the start of the mission once you’ve shocked the Rebel and taken control of the droid, turn right and Slice the crate stacked against the wall.

Collectible 2
When you exit the second ventilation shaft, head through the lower area full of computer banks to find the crate on top of some boxes.

Collectible 3
After retrieving a weapon and taking out the Rebels up ahead, turn left and go along the walkway, then left again into a corridor to find the crate.

Mission 1: The Battle of Endor

5 Collectibles

Collectible 1
At the start of the mission, take the right hand path towards the destroyed AT-AT Walker with the red ELIMINATE target on it. Underneath it you’ll find the crate.

Collectible 2
As you make your way to Platform 4, you’ll ambush a Rebel patrol outside a bunker. Take care of them, then hack your way into the bunker and Slice the crate inside.

Collectible 3
Once you’ve defeated the large group of Rebels by the crashed ship, turn left in front of it to find a path leading to a bunker – hack into it to find another crate inside.

Collectible 4
After clearing the Rebels at the base of Platform 4, go around the back and look under the stairs for the crate before heading to the upper level.

Collectible 5
When you reach your Tie Fighter at the end of the upper level, go past it and look behind the wrecked X-Wing to find the last crate in this mission.

Mission 2: The Dauntless

2 Collectibles

Collectible 1
When you land in the hangar and take out the first wave of enemies, head towards the exit in the smaller side hanger but turn right instead of left to spot the crate you can Slice up in the rafters.

Collectible 2
In the control room where you need to hack the terminals to destroy the power cores, on the lower level head underneath the main platform to find the crate.

This guide currently covers the Early Access missions, and will be updated shortly for the rest of the campaign.

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