Sideshow Collectibles: Unboxing Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Sixth Scale Figure – Fantha Tracks

Feel the power of the spectacular Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration show

Relive the Star Wars saga’s most galactic moments in this spectacular nighttime show – now with new scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Feel the Force as Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star, Obi-Wan defeats Anakin and more!

Location: Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studios Park

Behold a dazzling new display in Legends of a Galaxy Far, Far Away show

The Force has never been stronger with this incredible show ignited by stunning new scenes and Star Wars Characters, such as BB-8 and Boba Fett.

Location: Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studios Park

NEW! Wail like a Wookiee when you Encounter Chewbacca

Prepare for a huge hug with one of the galaxy’s most legendary warriors, Chewie. Can you roar loud and proud like a Wookie?

Location: Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studios Park

Witness the wicked wonder of an infamous First Order March

Stand back and witness for yourself the striking stature of the notorious Captain Phasma directing a battalion of stormtroopers through a legendary demonstration of galactic might.

Location: Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studios Park

Dare you encounter Darth Vader?

Check into Starport* and prepare to bow down and show some respect to the most dreaded Dark Lord of the Sith in the galaxy, Darth Vader.

Location: Starport, Discoveryland

Are you the Rebel the Stormtroopers Patrol is looking for?

You better keep a cool head, have your papers ready and get your story straight because the most feared soldiers in the galaxy, the Empire’s stormtroopers, are patrolling the streets, hunting for Rebel spies.

Location: Production Courtyard, Walt Disney Studios Park

Experience an iconic battle in Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Board your Rebel Alliance vessel and prepare to play your part in a legendary battle with an Imperial Star Destroyer. Expect a frenzy of red and green blaster fire, the whirr of TIE fighters and more!

Location: Discoveryland Disneyland Park

Discover legendary worlds in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Buckle up in your Starspeeder 1000 and embark on an eye-popping 3D adventure through the most iconic planets from the Star Wars saga. With so many mission combinations, every trip is unique and sure to make the most devout Jedi over the moon.

Location: Discoveryland, Disneyland Park

Immerse in the most epic Star Wars scenes in Disney Illuminations show

Gaze in awe at Sleeping Beauty Castle as Disney Illuminations* lights up the night’s sky with famous Disney tales and explosive battles from the Star Wars saga.

Location: Disneyland Park
*In Disneyland Park all year round

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