MMA Collectibles: Check Out This Stash of Rare Round 5 Figures For Sale

Remember Round 5 collectible MMA figures?

Up until 2013, Round 5 released the best figures of MMA fighters from all eras of the sport. They were a rare piece of MMA merchandise that showcased a deep love and appreciation of people bludgeoning each other with their fists. From the legends of Pride, to Bruce Lee, even legendary match ups, Round 5 figures became a part of the sport. Shit, even Dana White had his own Round 5 figure.

Enter this wonderful collection of Round 5 MMA Figures that Nick Strickland, writer and editor at,  has assembled over the years. A more complete set may not be available anywhere on the planet earth.
It seems like Nick is willing to put these rare treasures out on the market. So, you could be the proud new owner of these wonderful figures.
Let’s hear directly from the seller. “It really breaks my heart to have to sell these but… yeah, they need to find a beautiful new home. As discussed they will be sold as a set.”
He is looking for £2500 ($3300), but is willing to negotiate. If you have any interest, email Nick at nickstrickland31[at] or hit him up on Twitter @bitanick.
More from the seller. “Sounds like a lot but you can’t find them anymore. Round 5 is no longer and they mean the absolute world to me.”

So, if you want a piece of MMA history drop a line on Nick.

Andrew Lawrence is a writer, podcaster, and jack of all trades. As long as that trade involves discussing people getting punched in the mouth. Expert analyst of extremely dumb decision making. Consistently snarky towards his betters. Find him throwing shade at local governments on Twitter (@TheClownKid). Diaz 1,2,5.

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