Exclusive: COURT OF THE DEAD Gallevarbe Premium Figure Reveal From Sideshow Collectibles

The world of tabletop gaming is massive, bringing together people from all walks of life as they explore worlds built within the confines, and limitless boundaries, of their own imaginations. For Sideshow Collectibles, it was the opportunity to create their first original property Court of the Dead, which they could expand out of our minds and into our hands with beautiful art books, exciting board games, and gorgeous collectible statues. Today, we bring you a glimpse from that last category as we bring you an exclusive video preview of the Gallevarbe: Eyes of the Queen premium format figure.

An exceptionally detailed piece, Gallevarbe appears as a naga (part human, part cobra) with a dual curved daggers. Her tail is coiled around an intricately detailed cairn. Beautifully painted, this is a piece that one should display with pride.

Ricky Lovas, Sr. Brand Manager, explains, “What’s really important about this version is that we are showing her in a ‘naga’ or snake-like form. The idea behind her character was always that she can shape-shift and turn herself into a plethora of entities. Being introduced as the ‘Death’s Siren’, many assumed that was the sole essence of her character, but it’s not and never was intended to be. She’s a spy for the Queen, and therefore needs to be able to adapt to her environment and mission as needed. This iteration of Gallevarbe is just showing another one of her endless possibilities for transformations.

Anna Van Slee, Brand Director, expands on that by saying, “Every element of this figure is charged with dynamic action. From the swaying tassels on her bodice to the delightful ripple of her hair in the wind. Every detail tells the story of the Gallevarbe winding up this crumbling rock and twisting around to strike at her target.

My favorite detail of this figure is the unique and intricate tail. The appendages coming off the tail to grip the base are an artful mix of creature anatomies that blend to create something uniquely creepy,” Van Slee adds.

The statue will be 19.75″ H (501.65mm) x 12.5″ W (317.5mm) x 7.38″ L and is expected to ship in late Winter/early Spring of 2019. The cost is $460 and can be paid off in installments via Sideshow Collectible’s website.

There’s also a Kickstarter for the Court of the Dead board game going on. Click the link to add your support!

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