DC Collectibles Joker Expressions Pack review


The original Joker figure from DC Collectible’s Batman: The Animated Series line had a head sculpt that failed to capture the Clown Prince’s iconic visage, and in my opinion it’s the one toy that’s the least worth your money from the entire collection. So it’s a pleasure to report that the newly released Joker Expressions Pack finally gives Mr. J the action figure he and his fans deserve.

Joker was one of the first toys in the line and it had a body that was okay overall, except for feet that couldn’t pivot. His head sculpt, on the other hand was a little too long and the proportions of his eyes and mouth…something was just off. It didn’t have the look of a premium quality collectible. With this upgrade, however, you get an assortment of new head sculpts that are not only incredibly cartoon accurate, but show off a wide range of emotions perfect for countless poses.

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