BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles goes where no toy store has gone before – Voted 2017’s BEST

EVERETT, WASH. – A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Jason Franklin, Sean Spraggins and friends chose to boldly go where no man has gone before. Okay, so maybe that’s mixing Star Wars and Star Trek. But so are the owners of BobaKhan, starting with the store’s name.

“Boba for Boba Fett, and Khan for Star Trek Wrath of Khan,” said Spraggins.

Aside from those two sci fi juggernauts, BobaKhan brings together thousands of other treasures from the nerd world.

Franklin said, “New merchandise, stuff from movies.” 

“Transformers, GI Joe,” Spraggins added.

They’re stocked with all the favorites, from Funko Pops to Lego.  Lots of Lego.

Somehow, their group has found success as four very strong-willed co-owners. 

“Everybody’s got their own specialty in the store,” Franklin explained.

How do they keep from butting heads?

“We don’t,” joked Spraggins.

Apparently, conflict leads to perfection here at BobaKhan Toys and Collectibles, your choice for Best Toy Store.

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