17 of the fiercest Jurassic Park collectibles to ever roam the Earth

Some of us were obsessed with dinosaurs before dinosaurs were a pop culture phenomena, but you have to admit that if Jurassic Park didn’t make you want to put a plastic version of every single prehistoric reptile on your shelf, nothing did.

Mementos from the theme park that should have never happened didn’t just stop at toys, figurines, and action figures, though. Throughout the ’90s, their DNA extended to everything from McDonald’s packaging to terrifying theme park ride souvenirs to handheld games to that one Lite Brite set that never let you sleep.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom now has us seeing a resurgence in everything dinosaur and has hatched even stranger species of merch. You can now mount a raptor that looks like it’s busting through your wall. Shoes now look like that infamous Ford Explorer. T-Rex sunglasses actually exist.

Danger: You are now entering wild and sometimes ridiculous territory.

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